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Kerberos Security Services, founded in 2004, is a company specialized in private investigation and close protection services in Finland.

Our offices are located in Helsinki, Joensuu, Kotka, Kuopio, Lappeenranta, Oulu, Tampere ja Turku, but we are available anywhere in Finland as well as abroad. Our services include private investigation and close protection services, security planning and consulting services as well as a wide range of training services. Kerberos Security Services is a security company approved by the National Police Board and approved to act as a Use Of Force and Firearms instructor. We are one of the few companies who can manage armed close protection assignments in Finland.

The company has the necessary licenses for firearms and pepper spray training. We conduct private investigations for both companies and private individuals.

Typical assignments:
• Spouse’s infidelity suspicions
• Obtaining proof of a restraining order violation
• Stalking cases
• Abuse and fraud cases
• Vandalism, such as graffiti
• Mystery shopping
• Locating witnesses and obtaining evidence for a trial
•Missing persons and property search

Typical close protection assignments
• Termination of employment cases and employer-employee negotiations
• Annual General Meetings, conference security
• Witness protection
• Bodyguards (armed or unarmed)

We also provide security specialists for corporations to overlook and assess their existing security and safety measures with new perspective. An experienced security specialist can also be a valuable asset when creating new security and safety structures in Finland.

We are member of The Finnish Association of Licensed Private Investigators and Law Firms and ISDA (International Security Drivers Association)

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We are pleased to offer our services in case you have an assignment in Finland.

Our services cover a wide range of security services such as close protection, investigations, locating people, security auditing, computer forensics.

We can work with you, either by doing the entire job or, if your agency is going to deploy staff in our country, we can put a team of
detectives at your disposal to guide and help your staff to achieve the desired results.

Please don’t hesitate to contact us:

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